How Do We Encourage Our Kids to Read?

I cannot beat this drum long enough or hard enough.  Reading to our kids and using audiobooks is an important tool to develop understanding of vocabulary and language.  It is never wasted effort.  Please refer to my 8/24/17 post for an application to audio books through Learning Ally.

The following is excerpted from a Washington Post Article on 8/28/17 by Kim Salt.

Read your own book: When was the last time you sat down in your living room — right there, among the toys, the chaos, the mess, the children themselves — and read your own book for pleasure? If you’re rolling your eyes right now, you’re not alone. But put aside your skepticism and give it a shot.

“Children are generally extraordinarily curious and eager to read when they feel sufficiently motivated,” says Erika Christakis, an early childhood educator and author of “The Importance of Being Little.” “It’s up to the adults to create environments at school and at home that ignite those impulses.” That means, in part, reading yourself. Also, putting away your screen. Why would children be motivated “if every time they look up from a book, a parent is glued to a smartphone?” asks Christiakis.

The bottom line: If kids see you read books for pleasure, they are more likely to do so, too. Also, you get to read a book!

Read aloud: “Remember, a child is never too old to be read a story. And you are never too busy to listen to a story read aloud by a child,” says John Schumacher, a.k.a. Mr. Schu, ambassador of school libraries for Scholastic Book Fairs. When you read to children aloud, says James Trelease, author of the venerated “Read-Aloud Handbook,” you are not only informing them, bonding with them and entertaining them, you are also “advertising the pleasures of reading.” Trelease, who read to his own children until they were in ninth grade, adds that hearing a book increases comprehension and builds vocabulary: “If you’ve never heard a word, you’ll never say it, you’ll never write it and you’ll never read it.”

Make library visits a part of kids’ routines: Librarians and teachers are the most common source for books-for-fun advice, according to the most recent Scholastic Kids & Reading Report. Even if kids are too shy to ask for help, who knows what great titles they might find just wandering through the shelves? (If you’re concerned about a book’s appropriateness, consult the librarian or check the Common Sense Media site.)

Let kids choose books freely: “Research shows that when kids get to choose their reading, they read more,” says Karen MacPherson, the children’s and teen services coordinator for the Takoma Park Maryland Library. According to one often-cited study, roughly 80 percent of children involved said the book they liked most was the one they had selected on their own.

Encourage kids to re-read books: “Young readers shouldn’t necessarily be pushed into trying something new at home,” Christakis says. “One of the best readers I know spent her childhood reading the ‘Little House’ book series in its entirety and then re-reading the books from start to finish all over again. She must have done this cycle 10 or 15 times, occasionally taking a break to read the ‘Harry Potter’ books. There are many worse ways to spend your childhood.”

Allow kids to read at their level, not the one you brag to your friends about: “Adults tend to foist some of their reading anxieties on kids, which is counterproductive,” Christakis says. “Parents of early readers often push their children to read texts that are simply too hard. Even reading a book at 95 percent accuracy (missing or not recognizing 5 percent of the words) is surprisingly distracting and demoralizing,” she says. “Families should encourage kids to pick just-right books that are really comfortable for them and don’t cause anxiety or a sense of slogging through.”

It’s not just about storybooks: A cookbook is a book, too, MacPherson points out. So are comic books and fun reference books like the Guinness Book of World Records and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” Even flipping through a magazine, an almanac, encyclopedia or dictionary (which has the added benefit of teaching kids how to alphabetize), can be a fun way of exploring books.

Open your family’s ears to audiobooks: Whether you’re on a long car ride or just hanging out at home, turn on an audiobook and fill those moments with a story. Audiobooks offer many of the same benefits as reading aloud, says Trelease — feeding vocabulary and stretching attention spans among them.

To Label Or Not To Label? That Is The Question.

The following article from the Washington Post (Stacey Steinberg, 9/21/17) reminds us that the transition from Preschool to Kindergarten, Kindergarten to First Grade, First Grade to Second Grade can be particularly fraught for students with learning difficulties and those who love them.   Often, the first step in obtaining services is an evaluation by the Board of Education or by a Neuropsychologist, such as myself.  Then, begins the very serious discussion about whether or not to label the student as having a “disability”.    Ms. Steinberg’s article talks about receiving services via a 504 plan (no label) or receiving services via and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP and a label).  Ms. Steinberg appears to assume that students with a 504 plan will receive the same depth and breadth of services as will students with an IEP.

There are additional issues about labeling that concern parents and need to be discussed such as the effect of a label upon the student’s self-esteem.  Is a label a “self-fulfilling prophecy”? Once a teacher learns of a student’s label will the teacher interact with him/her differently?

IEPs and 504 plans: Which is the best fit for your special needs child?

By Stacey Steinberg September 21

August, a gifted 5-year-old in Harford County, Md., was excited to start kindergarten. His mother, Sara, was excited as well, but she was also concerned. The previous year, August was diagnosed with both autism and an anxiety disorder. As Sara helped August prepare for the transition, she wanted to be sure the school was also prepared.

August thrived in preschool academically, but behaviorally, he was easily distracted, and he often distracted other children. The teachers told him to “close his lips.” When August didn’t follow their instructions, they told his parents that he was a defiant child who refused to stop making noises in class. Sara was confident that it wasn’t that her son wouldn’t stop making noises, but instead that August couldn’t stop.

This past summer, Sara set up a meeting with the local school board, hoping to make a plan to help August transition to public school. Sara had attended a special education conference the previous spring and had also hired an educational advocate. With these tools in place, she believed she was prepared to set August up for a successful year in kindergarten. Yet Sara quickly realized that even with her knowledge and resources, advocating for her son was a daunting task.

Rosemary N. Palmer, a special education attorney in Tallahassee, has helped families like August’s understand special education laws for many years. She encourages parents to work as partners with their children’s teachers to create a personalized plan that addresses the child’s unique needs. To do this, parents need to understand the most common federal laws governing special education.

The local school board believed that a 504 plan (the informal name of a section of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973) would be sufficient to meet August’s needs. While she knew that a 504 plan would ensure that her son wouldn’t be discriminated against because of his disability, Sara was not convinced it would meet his complex needs.

The law governing 504 plans is broad, and through it, students can receive services all the way through college. But individual states and school districts implement the plans in different ways. While most schools create formalized, written 504 plans, there is no federal requirement for them to do so. The law does not even require the special education plan to be in writing, nor does it mandate that parents be part of the group that writes it.

While it might not have been a good fit for August, many students benefit from a 504 plan. It offers school boards lots of flexibility, and it defines disabilities broadly. A 504 plan could offer a student with attention deficits extra time on tests, or preferential seating in the classroom. It could also allow a school to offer a student with sensory challenges the opportunity to leave class early, before hallways get crowded and loud. And it could ensure that an anxious child wouldn’t have to worry about reading aloud, or participating in a schoolwide spelling bee.

While the school board pushed for a 504 plan, Sara felt strongly that August needed an Individualized Education Plan. IEPs, by law, must be very specific. Like August, all children who qualify for an IEP will qualify for a 504 plan, but not all children who qualify for a 504 plan also will qualify for an IEP. This is because the Individuals With Disabilities Educational Act, the law that governs IEPs only applies to students with one or more of 13 specific disabilities.

There are some benefits to having an IEP instead of a 504 plan. Under an IEP, schools are not only required to make special accommodations for students, but the law governing IEPs also provides funding to help schools meet the needs of students who qualify. While both plans could technically offer the same services, Sara believed that an IEP would be a better fit for August.

The school board eventually agreed with Sara. Through his individualized plan, the school board promised Sara that her son would have “adult support” in the classroom. She understood this to mean that August would have the one-on-one support she knew he needed. She later learned that this was not the case. Sara explained that in August’s case, “adult support can be the regular teacher who also needs to work with the rest of the class. While there is often an extra teacher in the classroom to help August, the support isn’t to the level he needs.” Sara can (and probably will) challenge her son’s IEP.

Parents can seek help from an attorney (or an educational advocate) if they need help resolving issues related to almost any aspect of their child’s 504 or IEP. Under a 504 plan, the school or school board sets up the process to handle complaints. In contrast, under an IEP, the law guarantees parents the right to an impartial hearing process set up and supervised by the state. Therefore, many parents find that under an IEP, there is more of an incentive for school districts to consider parent concerns.

For parents like Sara, ensuring that their child obtain a quality education can be challenging. But there is help available. Palmer suggests the free federally funded resources available to parents of special needs children. Parents can also contact the National Disability Rights Network. The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, a nonprofit group that works with the families of children with disabilities, can also help. Lastly, as Sara found last spring, parents can find a disability-specific advocacy group in many communities or at the national level that can provide educational suggestions.

Both 504 plans and IEPs anticipate and expect that students will graduate with a regular diploma and be prepared to transition to the next stage in their lives. Both plans work to do this by offering students the services required to get them there. “Each law has its strengths and each law has its weaknesses,” Palmer said. She tells parents that “knowledge of both laws prepares parents to navigate through special education services alongside their child.”


Children’s books can be a tremendous resource helping children acknowledge and cope with their feelings about major and minor life events.

7 books that will help ease the back-to-school transition

Fall Is For School, by Robert Neubecker (Disney-Hyperion)
A brother and sister approach the end of summer differently — the girl is excited for school to start and the brother would rather just stay home. Even after describing the new subjects they’ll be studying and things they’ll do, the boy is adamant about not going to school: “I am going to play all day!/It doesn’t matter what you say.” His sister responds: “Recess is for playing games:/We’ll run and jump and climb!/Let’s go right now and join the fun./You really must not whine!” The sister’s enthusiasm never wanes and eventually the brother — seated at a chair and surrounded by friendly students in a cheerful classroom — discovers his sister was right all along. Bright, bold, detail-laden drawings paired with singsong rhymes create a perfect “turn-that-frown-upside down” story.

Amanda Panda Quits Kindergarten, by Candice Ransom; illustrated by Christine Grove (Doubleday Books for Young Readers) 
A colorful, soft watercolor illustration on the cover hints at the gentle nature of this tale. Amanda Panda loves the color brown, running fast and building with blocks. A girl who adores pink and sparkly things, and who seems to be perfect, tries to befriend Amanda on the first day of kindergarten, but Amanda attempts to evade her. Deciding kindergarten is a bust, she sneaks into her older brother’s second-grade classroom, only to realize that the chairs are too big and the vocabulary words are too hard. Then, to her surprise, Amanda sees her nemesis has wound up in the same room after getting lost. Will Amanda help the girl? It’s a sweet story about the power of kindness and getting past first impressions. 

Tinyvillle Town: Time for School, by Brian Biggs (Abrams Appleseed)
The residents of Tinyville — from a teacher choosing his best sweater to wear, to kids lacing their sneakers and filling their backpacks, to a crossing guard checking her watch for the kids to arrive — are excited for school to begin. The smiling principal is nearby, checking on everyone: “Bubba, where are your shoes?/Here, Anna, you can borrow my pencil. Bring yours tomorrow./Owen, return that library book you borrowed last year.” The book takes readers through a day at school through the eyes of Ellie, who is new to the neighborhood. We see her get acclimated to the school’s activities and make a friend. The bustling Tinyville, shown in boisterous colored-pencil and India ink illustrations, is as much fun to visit as the neighborhoods made famous by Richard Scarry.

Second Grade Holdout, by Audrey Vernick; illustrated by Matthew Cordell (Clarion Books)
Who wants to leave the comfort of first grade for the unknown of second grade? Not the kid in this story, an unnamed boy who appeared in the author’s earlier book, “First Grade Dropout.” The boy tells us how he had so many good times in first grade, and, importantly, was in the same class as his best friend. So he decides he’s staying with his first-grade teacher: “If I stick with her in good old room 101, I could be Lakeview Elementary’s smartest-ever first-grader! They might even have medals and certificates for that. Maybe a crown of some kind.” His resolve tightens when his friend’s sisters tell him all sorts of dreadful things about second grade, like being required to spell “platypus.” Soon, though, he and his friend discover the girls are pranking them. Funny and relatable, this book will make kids laugh out loud.

How To Get Your Teacher Ready, by Jean Reagan; illustrated by Lee Wildish (Alfred A. Knopf)
In a twist on teachers explaining everything about the classroom and what lies ahead, in this book, it’s the kids who are the experts. “Show her your favorite spots in the room./If she asks, “Why don’t I have a cubby?” point to all the drawers in her very own desk.” Cute and charming illustrations, along with lively, humorous text, make this book something your kids will want to read and reread throughout the school year.

K is for Kindergarten, by Erin Dealey; illustrated by Joseph Cowman (Sleeping Bear Press)
As the first day of kindergarten approaches, kids can read about what to expect, and discover related activities. Each letter of the alphabet offers a starting point for a rhyme and things to do. “F is for all the smiling faces/of the new kids that you meet./Some may ride the bus to school./Some might live right down the street.” The corresponding page asks: “Do you live close to your school or far away? How will you get there? By bus? By foot? Make a chart of all the ways students might travel to your school.” The snappy rhymes and thought-provoking challenges offer a chance for parent-child bonding and a way to build excitement for the big day.

Here Comes Teacher Cat, by Deborah Underwood; illustrated by Claudia Rueda (Dial Books for Young Readers)
Cat is summoned to work as a substitute teacher for Ms. Melba at Kitty School. But Cat isn’t interested. Mainly he’d just like to nap. In this book — the next entry in the warm and funny series in which an unseen narrator talks to Cat and Cat responds by holding up signs — he (reluctantly) steps up to the challenge. His ideas, though, are different from what usually goes on in the classroom: He gathers the kittens for a loud music-group session incorporating guitars, drums and a trumpet; builds a fish-spouting fountain; and turns art time into a chance for paw-painting on the walls and floors. It’s all in good fun, though, and kids will think it is just purrfect.

Audio Books Are Important Assistive Technology For Students With Dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia or a Learning Disability in Reading often need more time to read than do unimpaired readers.  Dyslexic readers have to put time and effort into decoding that should be automatic and fluent.   Not only does this slow their reading rate, but it undermines their ability to derive meaning from what they have read; once they finish reading they may not recall or understand what was read.

Books on MP3 files are an invaluable resource for Dyslexic readers by helping them compensate for their slow reading rate while they acquire content, language and vocabulary.  This technology can support them through Graduate School.  I strongly advise taking advantage of Learning Ally as early as Third Grade.

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The complete list of test-optional colleges and universities, as of now

April 12

The list of colleges and universities around the country that are now test-optional for admissions — meaning students can decide whether or not to submit ACT or SAT scores — keeps growing.

Here are the leading 275-plus colleges and universities on the list of more than 900 test-optional schools, a list maintained by the nonprofit National Center for Fair and Open Testing, a nonprofit known as FairTest that works to end the misuse and abuse of standardized tests. The list includes a small number of test-flexible schools, which allow students to submit test scores of their choice, including Advanced Placement scores rather than SAT or ACT scores.

And here’s the full list of test-optional colleges and universities, as of spring 2017. The key to the chart is both here and at the end:

1    SAT/ACT used only for placement and/or academic advising
2    SAT/ACT required only from out-of-state applicants
3    SAT/ACT may be required but considered only when minimum GPA and/or class rank is not met
4    SAT/ACT required for some programs
5    Test Flexible: SAT/ACT not required if other college level exams specified by school, such as SAT Subject Test, Advanced Placement, or Int’l Baccalaureate, submitted — contact school for details
6    Placement test or school-specific admissions exam score required if not submitting SAT/ACT
7    Admission/Eligibility Index calculated with 3.5 GPA and combined SAT Critical Reading plus Math score of 400

Sources: College Board 2017 College Handbook; U.S. News & World Report College Guide 2017; U.S. Department of Education Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), admissions office websites; and news reports.

Name City State
Academy College3 Minneapolis MN
Academy of Art University San Francisco CA
Academy of Couture Art West Hollywood CA
Adventist University of Health Sciences1 Orlando FL
Agnes Scott College Decatur GA
Albright College Reading PA
Alcorn State University1, 3 Alcorn MS
Allen University Columbia SC
Alliant International University San Diego CA
Amberton University Garland TX
Ambridge University Online
American Academy of Art Chicago IL
American Baptist College Nashville TN
American Indian College of the Assemblies of God Phoenix AZ
American InterContinental University Multiple Sites
American International College Springfield MA
American Jewish University Los Angeles CA
American Military University Charles Town WV
American Musical and Dramatic Academy Los Angeles CA
American National University Multiple Locations
American Public University System Online
American Sentinel University Online
American University Washington DC
Amridge University Online
Andrew University Online
Angelo State University3 Angelo TX
Anna Maria College 4 Paxton MA
Anthem College Online
Antioch University – Midwest Yellow Springs OH
Apex School of Theology Durham NC
Argosy University Multiple Sites
Arizona State University3 Tempe AZ
Arkansas Baptist College Little Rock AR
Arlington Baptist College1 Arlington TX
Art Center College of Design Pasadena CA
Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta GA
Art Institute of California Multiple Sites CA
Art Institute of Charlotte Charlotte NC
Art Institute of Colorado Denver CO
Art Institute of Dallas Dallas TX
Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale FL
Art Institute of Houston Houston TX
Art Institute of Las Vegas Las Vegas NV
Art Institute of Michigan Novi MI
Art Institute of Philadelphia Philadelphia PA
Art Institute of Phoenix Phoenix AZ
Art Institute of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA
Art Institute of Portland Portland OR
Art Institute of Seattle Seattle WA
Art Institute of Tucson Tucson AZ
Art Institute of Washington Arlington VA
Art Institutes International Minnesota Minneapolis MN
Ashford University Online
Aspen University Online
Assumption College Worcester MA
Atlanta Metropolitan State College 1 Atlanta GA
Atlantic University College Guaynabo PR
Atlantis University Miami FL
Augustana College Rock Island IL
Austin College Sherman TX
Bainbridge State College Bainbridge GA
Baker College Multiple Sites MI
Baldwin-Wallace University Berea OH
Baptist Bible College Springfield MO
Baptist Missionary Ass’n Theological Seminary Jacksonville TX
Baptist University of the Americas San Antonio TX
Barber-Scotia1 Concord NC
Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson NY
Bard College at Simon’s Rock Great Barrington MA
Bates College Lewiston ME
Bay Path University Longmeadow MA
Bay State College Boston MA
Bayamon Central University Bayamon PR
Beacon College Leesburg FL
Beckfield College Florence KY
Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Far Rockaway NY
Bellevue College Bellevue WA
Bellevue University Omaha NE
Belmont Abbey College3 Belmont NC
Beloit College Beloit WI
Bemidji State University1, 3 Bemidji MN
Benedict College3 Columbia SC
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Boston MA
Bennett College Greensboro NC
Bennington College Bennington VT
Berkeley College Multiple Locations NY
Berklee College of Music Boston MA
Beth HaMedrahs Shaarei Yosher Brooklyn NY
Beth HaTalmud Rabbinical College Brooklyn NY
Beth Medrash Govoha Lakewood NJ
Bethesda University of California Anaheim CA
Beulah Heights University Atlanta GA
Birmingham-Southern College Birmingham AL
Bismarck State College6 Bismarck ND
Black Hills State University3 Spearfish SD
Bluefield State College3 Bluefield WV
Boise State University2, 3 Boise ID
Boricua College New York NY
Boston Architectural College Boston MA
Boston Conservatory Boston MA
Bowdoin College Brunswick ME
Brandeis University Waltham MA
Brandman University Online
Brazosport College Lake Jackson TX
Brenau University Gainesville GA
Brevard College Brevard NC
Bridgewater State University Bridgewater MA
Broadview University Multiple Sites UT
Brooks Institute Santa Barbara CA
Broward College 6 Fort Lauderdale FL
Brown College Mendota Heights MN
Brown Mackie College Multiple Sites
Bryant & Stratton College Multiple Sites
Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr PA
Cabrini College 4 Radnor PA
California Christian College Fresno CA
California Coast University Online
California College4 Multiple Sites CA
California College of the Arts San Francisco CA
California Institute of the Arts Valencia CA
California Intercontinental University Online
California Maritime Academy3 Vallejo CA
California Miramar University San Diego CA
California National University for Advanced Studies Northridge CA
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 3 Pomona CA
California University of Management and Sciences Anaheim CA
Calumet College of St. Joseph1 Hammond IN
Cambridge College Cambridge MA
Cameron University Lawton OK
Capella University Minneapolis MN
Caribbean University Bayamon PR
Carlos Albizu University Miami FL
Carolina Christian College Winston-Salem NC
Carrington College Online
Carthage College4 Kenosha WI
Carver College Atlanta GA
Catawba College Salisbury NC
Catholic University of America, The Washington DC
Cazenovia College Cazenovia NY
Central Penn College 4 Summerdale PA
Central Pennsylvania College Summerdale PA
Central Washington University3 Ellensburg WA
Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim-Lebavitch Brooklyn NY
Chadron State College1 Chadron NE
Chamberlain College of Nursing Multiple Sites
Chaparral College Tucson AZ
Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science Los Angeles CA
Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary Charlotte NC
Charter College Anchorage AK
Charter Oak State College Newington CT
Chatham University Pittsburgh PA
Chipola College Marianna FL
Christian Life College 1 Mount Prospect IL
Christopher Newport University3 Newport News VA
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science Cincinnati OH
City College Ft. Lauderdale FL
City University Multiple Sites WA
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Pineville KY
Cleveland Institute of Music4 Cleveland OH
Clinton College Rock Hill SC
Cogswell Polytechnical College Sunnyvale CA
Colby College5 Waterville ME
Colby-Sawyer College New London NH
Coleman University San Diego CA
College America Multiple Sites
College of Biblical Studies Houston TX
College of Business and Technology Miami FL
College of Central Florida 6 Ocala FL
College of Health Sciences Roanoke VA
College of Menominee Nation Multiple Sites WI
College of New Rochelle: School of New Resources New Rochelle NY
College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas NV
College of St. Joseph in Vermont Rutland VT
College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor ME
College of the Humanities and Sciences Tempe AZ
College of Westchester, The White Plains NY
Collins College Tempe AZ
Colorado College5 Colorado Springs CO
Colorado Mountain College6 Glenwood Springs CO
Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs CO
Columbia Basin College Pasco WA
Columbia Centro Universitario Caguas PR
Columbia College Multiple Sites MO
Columbia College Hollywood Tarzana CA
Columbia Southern University Orange Beach AL
Columbus College of Art & Design Columbus OH
Concordia College 6 Bronxville NY
Concordia College Selma AL
Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico San Juan PR
Cornell College Mount Vernon IA
Cornish College of the Arts Seattle WA
Cox College 6 Springfield MO
Creative Center Omaha NE
Criswell College Dallas TX
Crossroads Bible College Indianapolis IN
CSU Bakersfield3 Bakersfield CA
CSU Channel Islands 3 Camarillo CA
CSU Chico3 Chico CA
CSU Dominguez Hills3 Dominguez Hills CA
CSU East Bay3 Hayward CA
CSU Fresno3 Fresno CA
CSU Fullerton3 Fullerton CA
CSU Long Beach3 Long Beach CA
CSU Los Angeles3 Los Angeles CA
CSU Monterey Bay3 Seaside CA
CSU Northridge3 Northridge CA
CSU Sacramento3 Sacramento CA
CSU San Bernardino3 San Bernardino CA
CSU San Marcos3 San Marcos CA
CSU Stanislaus3 Stanislaus CA
Culinary Institute of America Multiple Sites
Curtis Institute of Music 1 Philadelphia PA
Daemen College Amherst NY
Dakota State University1, 3 Madison SD
Darkei Noam Rabbinical College Brooklyn NY
Darton State College 6 Albany GA
Davenport University Multiple Sites
Daytona State College Daytona Beach FL
Dean College Franklin MA
Denison University Granville OH
Denver School of Nursing Denver CO
DeSales University 4 Center Valley PA
Design Institute of San Diego San Diego CA
DeVry University3 Multiple Sites
Dickinson State University1, 4 Dickinson ND
Digital Media Arts College Boca Raton FL
Dine College Multiple Sites
Divine Word College Epworth IA
Dixie State University Saint George UT
Donnelly College Kansas City KS
Drake University 3 Des Moines IA
Drew University Madison NJ
Drexel University5 Philadelphia PA
Dunlap-Stone University Online
Dunwoody College of Technology Minneapolis MN
Duquesne University3, 4 Pittsburgh PA
Earlham College Richmond IN
East Central University3 Ada OK
East Georgia State College 6 Swainsboro GA
East Stroudsburg University East Stroudsburg PA
East Tennessee State University3 Johnson City TN
East Texas Baptist University 3 Marshall TX
East-West University Chicago IL
Eastern Connecticut State University3, 4 Windham CT
Eastern Florida State College 6 Cocoa FL
Eastern Oregon University 1, 3 LaGrande OR
Eastern Washington University3 Cheney WA
Eastman School of Music Rochester NY
ECPI University Multiple Sites
EDP University of Puerto Rico Multiple Sites PR
Elizabethtown College 3 Elizabethtown PA
Ellis University Chicago IL
Elmira College Elmira NY
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Multiple Sites
Emerson College Boston MA
Emporia State University2, 3 Emporia KS
Endicott College4 Beverly MA
Epic Bible College Sacramento CA
Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico San Juan PR
Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts New York NY
Evangel University Springfield MO
Everest University Multiple Sites
Everglades University Fort Lauderdale FL
Ex’pression College6 Emeryville CA
Excelsior College Albany NY
Fairfield University Fairfield CT
Fairmont State College Fairmont WV
Faith Evangelical College & Seminary Tacoma WA
Family of Faith College Shawnee OK
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Los Angeles CA
Fashion Institute of Technology New York NY
Ferris State University3 Grand Rapids MI
Finlandia University Hancock MI
Five Towns College Dix Hills NY
Florida Career College Multiple Sites FL
Florida Memorial University 1 Miami Gardens FL
Florida National University Multiple Sites FL
Florida SouthWestern State College Fort Myers FL
Florida State College Jacksonville FL
Florida Tech Online
Fort Hays State University1 Hays KS
Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster PA
Franklin Pierce University Rindge NH
Franklin University Columbus OH
Fremont College Online
Friends University Wichita KS
Friends World Program of Long Island University Brooklyn NY
Full Sail University Winter Park FL
Furman University Greenville SC
Galen College of Nursing 6 Multiple Sites
George Mason University3 Fairfax VA
George Washington Universirty Washington DC
Georgia Gwinnett College 6 Lawrenceville GA
Georgia Highlands College 4 Multiple Sites GA
Gettysburg College Gettysburg PA
Glenville State College3 Glenville WV
Global University Springfield MO
Globe Institute of Technology New York NY
Globe University Multiple Sites MN
God’s Bible School and College1 Cincinnati OH
Goddard College Plainfield VT
Golden Gate University San Francisco CA
Goldfarb School of Nursing St. Louis MO
Goodwin College East Hartford CT
Goucher College Baltimore MD
Grace Bible College1 Grand Rapids MI
Grace College of Divinity Fayetteville NC
Grace Mission University Fullerton CA
Grace School of Theology Multiple Sites
Grambling State University1 Grambling LA
Grand Canyon University3 Phoenix AZ
Granite State College Concord NH
Grantham University Online
Gratz College Melrose Park PA
Great Basin College Elko NV
Green Mountain College Poultney VT
Guilford College Greensboro NC
Gulf Coast State College 6 Panama City FL
Hallmark University 3 San Antonio TX
Hamilton College5 Clinton NY
Hamilton Technical College Davenport IA
Hampton University3 Hampton VA
Harris-Stowe State University 1 St. Louis MO
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Harrisburg PA
Harrison Middleton University Online
Hartwick College Oneonta NY
Haskell Indian Nations University3 Lawrence KS
Helene Fuld College of Nursing 6 New York NY
Heritage Bible College Dunn NC
Heritage Christian University Florence AL
Heritage University Toppenish WA
Herzing University Multiple Sites
Hickey College St. Louis MO
Hilbert College Hamburg NY
Hiram College 3 Hiram OH
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Geneva NY
Hobe Sound Bible College1 Hobe Sound FL
Hodges University Naples FL
Hofstra University4 Hempstead NY
Holy Apostles College and Seminary3 Cromwell CT
Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary Jordanville NY
Hood College3 Frederick MD
Horizon University San Diego CA
Houghton College4 Houghton NY
Hult International Business School San Francisco CA
Humboldt State University (CSU)3 Arcata CA
Humphreys College Stockton CA
Huntington College of Health Sciences Online
Huntsville Bible College Huntsville AL
Hussian School of Art Philadelphia PA
Idaho State University 2, 3 Pocatello ID
Illinois College Jacksonville IL
Illinois Institute of Art Multiple Sites IL
Immaculata University 4 Immaculata PA
Independence University Online
Indian River State College Fort Pierce FL
INSTE Bible College Online
Institute of American Indian Arts 6 Santa Fe NM
Inter American University of Puerto Rico Multiple Sites PR
Interior Designers Institute Newport Beach CA
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1 SAT/ACT used only for placement and/or academic advising
2 SAT/ACT required only from out-of-state applicants
3 SAT/ACT may be required but considered only when minimum GPA and/or class rank is not met
4 SAT/ACT required for some programs
5 Test Flexible: SAT/ACT not required if other college level exams specified by school, such as SAT Subject Test, Advanced Placement, or Int’l Baccalaureate, submitted — contact school for details
6 Placement test or school-specific admissions exam score required if not submitting SAT/ACT
7 Admission/Eligibility Index calculated with 3.5 GPA and combined SAT Critical Reading plus Math score of 400

Webnar for Parents of College-Bound High School Students with Learning Challenges

On Friday, April 28th from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., please join New Frontiers in Learning’s Director, Samantha Feinman for a FREE webinar on “The Keys to College Readiness” .

The presentation will answer such questions as:

  • What are the differences between high school and college?
  • What are some of the ways in which college students with varied learning differences can struggle with the transition?
  • What are the key skills necessary to develop prior to making the transition?

The webinar will end with a 15 minute Q & A (questions will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis).

Register here!

College-prep programs for the poor slashed in Trump’s budget

Harry L. Williams had no doubt he was going to college, even though his parents never attended and could offer no guidance on applying or enrolling. He cleared the first hurdle by being accepted to Appalachian State University in 1982 on a track and field scholarship, but once he started school it was all a little overwhelming.

Enter Student Support Services (SSS), one of eight initiatives for students from low-income families and veterans in a federal program known as TRIO. The initiative offered Williams tutoring and counseling that he said helped him graduate. The bond he developed with his adviser was so strong that she attended his inauguration as president of Delaware State University 28 years later.

“I wouldn’t be a college president right now if I didn’t have the student support program to provide me with the foundation that I needed transitioning into college,” Williams said this week. “First-generation [college] students could easily get frustrated with the process, and if you don’t have the support at home, you could end up dropping out.”

On Thursday, the Trump administration proposed a combined $193 million cut in funding for TRIO and another initiative called GEAR UP, threatening the stability of programs that have prepared millions of disadvantaged students for college. The programs are not without detractors who call them redundant and question their effectiveness. Yet advocates say they play a critical role in college access for some of the neediest students.

“Financial aid isn’t the only barrier,”  said David Bergeron, who worked 35 years at the Education Department before joining the left-leaning Center for American Progress. “It’s preparation; it’s having role models — all of those things that these programs do,”

TRIO got its name from three initiatives that date to the 1960s. Programs such as Upward Bound and Talent Search provide high school students guidance for getting to college, while others like SSS keep them on track once they enroll. GEAR UP, a Clinton-era program (the acronym stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs), serves entire classes of children in high-poverty districts through grants to states and community partnerships.

Under the White House budget, appropriations for TRIO would tumble 10 percent to $808 million, while GEAR UP’s funding would shrink nearly a third to $219 million. The budget said, without any details, the TRIO cuts would only affect “areas that have limited evidence on the overall effectiveness in improving student outcomes.” It said GEAR UP money could only be used for existing grants, even though the department is in the midst of selecting new recipients. Continued funding is also conditioned on the completion of a “rigorous evaluation” of the program.

Critics of the college preparation programs say there are too few evaluations, and studies have shown a mix of modest successes and failures. Education Department examinations of Talent Search and Student Support Services showed positive impacts on participants, while the agency recently reported that GEAR UP students were enrolling in college at a 32 percent higher rate than low-income students nationally. But a much-disputed study of Upward Bound concluded that it had no detectable effect on the rate of college enrollment.

“All of the evaluations the department has sponsored have been positive, but received very little attention,” said Maureen Hoyler, president of the Council for Opportunity in Education, which lobbies for TRIO programs.

By federal law, institutions and agencies sponsoring TRIO programs are judged by outcomes such as retention, keeping students in rigorous classes, enrolling them in college and graduation rates, Hoyler said. She called the college preparation programs an “insurance policy” on the billions of dollars the government spends in federal student aid.

“Many low-income and first-generation students need a support system outside their family and peers, and TRIO provides that,” Hoyler said. “It’s something that other people can be blind to who’ve had that family support.”

Julia Gusse, a city councilwoman in Maricopa, Ariz., said Veterans Upward Bound at California State University in Los Angeles was exactly what she needed after leaving the Air Force in 1992.

“When you get out of the service, no one tells you how to navigate college, staying on top of the classes for your major or making sure you’re not wasting time,” Gusse said. “There are a lot of veterans who get taken advantage of by schools when they don’t have the sort of support system I had in Upward Bound.”

Gusse is also a program coordinator at Arizona State University, where she says a majority of students are the first in their families to attend college and rely on the support of federal programs. ASU is connected to seven TRIO initiatives, much like other public colleges in Arizona, which has slashed higher education funding. Northern Arizona University, which has five TRIO programs, also runs Arizona GEAR UP, serving 4,000 students in rural high schools throughout the state.

Ranjit Sidhu, president of the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships, which lobbies for GEAR UP, said the return on investment in the program is high by the Education Department’s own evaluation. He agreed that more data should be collected, but he said that the program’s resources should not be stripped away.

“For $500 a year, per student, to get 32 percent more in [college], this is one of those programs that everybody should be looking at and saying there is something working and we should be growing it,” he said. “There is culture in the program that has embraced the idea of better data evaluation and research. … It should be supported.”

Some think tanks, including the Brookings Institution and New America Foundation, have in the past called for consolidating TRIO and GEAR UP or tightening the criteria for grants. Stephen Burd, a senior policy analyst at New America, said neither program is the perfect solution to improve college access. TRIO, he said, too often helps students who are already high achievers, and GEAR UP often helps individual classes of students instead of an entire school. Burd said, however, that the programs have been underfunded for years.

“We have to redesign the whole effort, but we should be making it a much bigger priority than we do now,” he said. “These proposed cuts are worrying, but these programs have congressional champions and…I doubt we’ll see the Trump cuts go in as is.”

The White House proposal will likely run into bipartisan resistance on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers have historically supported the college readiness programs, albeit with modest appropriations. Other presidents, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, have proposed steep cuts that were beaten back by Congress.

“We have had a lot of success in keeping TRIO marginally funded–it never has enough resources and there is always unmet demand,” said Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), an alum of a 1968 Upward Bound program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “But in our last education budget, under real austere conditions, there was a modest increase in funding, which is a demonstration of a commitment around here to continue the program.”

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New Assisting Technology for Smartphone Texting and Email

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